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Founder & Director of School - Ruth Arberman

         Ruth Arberman MEd + MS, Masters in School Administration,  is the founder and director of The Sterling School.  Ms. Arberman has been a reading specialist for more than 35 years and continues to actively seek out training and the latest research in order to broaden her knowledge and remain up-to-date with the latest and best practices for reading and writing instruction.  Ms. Arberman is a certified member of the Orton-Gillingham Academy.  Her goal is to foster stronger reading skills for every student so that reading becomes a source of joy.

         Prior to founding The Sterling School, Ms Arberman ran the reading program at The State College of Optometry (part of The State University of New York's Learning Disabilities Unit), where she was recognized for outstanding professionalism.   


          Ms. Arberman has also been recognized by The International Dyslexia Society where she was awarded The Jo-Ellen Gorden Memorial Award for Service to the Learning Disabled Community and by The NYS Reading Association with an award for Literacy Advocacy. 

          Ms. Arberman also has a background in art; a passion of hers and one that she loves sharing with her students. When walking around the school, one can see her creative projects embedded in

classroom lessons and school clubs.

           The school was founded in 1999 as Ms. Arberman saw an unmet need both as a special education specialist and also the parent of a child with Dyslexia who was unable to find a school that could provide an ample and appropriate education for her son. She created Sterling School to be a program that is small, intimate, supportive, and that uses research based methodology to educate its students. Her son is now a college graduate with a successful career in network security.

Ruth Arberman

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Administrative Team

Ruth Arberman

Founder / Director of School

Arielle Cernes

School Counselor / Assistant Principal

Mark Kanter

Assistant Principal /Director of Speech and Language

Ariel Wenitsky

Administrative Assistant

Classroom Teachers

Ms. Berger

Classroom Teacher

Ms. Manuel

Classroom Teacher

Mr. Izzo

Assistant Teacher

 Ms. Morgan

Classroom Teacher

Ms. Nettles

Classroom Teacher

Mr. Smith

Physical Education

Mr. Treuting

Classroom Teacher


Ms. Armstrong

Reading Specialist

Ms. Ceaser

Reading Specialist

Ms. Diaz 

CODA Occupational Therapy

Ms. Lee

Reading Specialist

Ms. Moraven

Reading Specialist

Mr. Schroeder
Sterling logo B- R4.jpg

Reading Specialist

Ms. Warren

Reading Specialist

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